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If for any reason you are routinely suffering from dental erosion, and your tooth enamel is constantly giving away to cavities, you will need to assess what you can do to improve your oral health so that damage can be minimized. However, once a cavity has formed, it will need to be treated with the dentistry procedures such as a dental filling. One of the most highly effective forms of dental fillings is cosmetic enhancements via composites.

Individuals often rely on composite fillings because of their ability to blend in seamlessly with your smile. Composite fillings are regularly referred to as tooth-colored fillings because they can mimic the natural look of teeth. They can even be used in situations where cavities are so small that otherwise, they would go untreated. Through the use of a composite filling you can provide up to 7 to 10 years of support before replacements are needed. If for any reason your composite filling will need to be replaced, it can be done so without ever having to remove the original filling.

Composite fillings are often more desirable than dental amalgams for several reasons. For one, composite fillings are mercury-free and more preventative to tooth fracture. Composite fillings are also known for being better sealants of the margins. This is important to prevent leakage between the filling and the tooth to prevent bacterial contamination. Speak with our dentist for more information about composite dental fillings.

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