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When the Flu season hits, you tend to get queasy and throw up easily. This may surprise you, but vomiting can cause some damage to your teeth. Don’t worry, there is a simple remedy that can nullify the problem in just a few minutes.

Acids from your stomach are part of the bile that comes out. Some of it remains in your mouth, and it can be rather harsh towards your teeth.

Knowing this, you will naturally want to brush it away. However, brushing does not clean off the acid. It can spread it around instead.

Here is what you can do to safely wash the bile out. You can place 1 tsp of baking soda in some water, swish the solution around your mouth, and spit it out. The baking soda and water should wash away the bile so it cannot harm your teeth.

Also, if you would still like to brush, it is best that you wait about 30 minutes before brushing. By that time, everything should be all clear for the toothpaste and brush.

We hope this advice can help you care for your teeth while you recover. If you ever need help in regards to your teeth, come see out team at A Caring Place Dentistry in Tucson, Arizona. Our dentist, Dr. Michael Walbom, is at your service. Just dial 520-809-6100 to set up a visit to our office.