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At A Caring Place Dentistry, we love to answer all patient questions. One of the topics that we typically get asked about is mouthwash. Since Dr. Michael Walbom knows that lots of our patients browse this website as a source of dental data, we’ve amassed answers to some of these regularly-asked queries about mouthwash.

Do I really need to use mouthwash?

Put simply, if you’re brushing twice per day and flossing one time per day, you will probably be safe without using mouthwash. That said, mouthwash can be a good round out to your dental healthcare routine if you’re less than perfect with your other dental habits.

What does mouthwash do for me?

Mouthwash is used to rinse away plaque on your pearly whites and leftover food remnants between your gums. Swishing the mouthwash around in your mouth agitates accumulated food debris and leaves your teeth cleaner, helping in the fight against periodontal disease and tooth erosion. (These are functions that brushing also serves, and it does so more effectively.)

Which mouthwash should I use?

Look for an antibacterial mouthwash with the ADA seal of approval. If you have sensitive gums or periodontal disease, talk to us about prescribing mouthwash.

Did you learn anything about mouthwash? As always, we’d be happy to answer any dental inquiries you have. Feel free to pencil in your next appointment with our Tucson, Arizona, office at any time by calling 520-809-6100 now.