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Dr. Walbom provides tooth-colored dental fillings to restore and strengthen your teeth. Fillings are usually required to fix decayed, broken or chipped teeth, tooth erosion or abfractions. We do not use alloy fillings in our office because they can often cause teeth to fracture over time. After placement, alloy or metal fillings expand when you eat something hot and contract when you eat something cold. This constant stress to the tooth causes the tooth to crack over time and can result in the need for a crown or even an extraction.

Fillings are made from high quality composite materials that are strong and the same color as your tooth. They can also be made from solid porcelain and milled out on the CEREC machine while you wait. A dental filling is a restoration used to repair minor tooth damage. Any decay in the tooth is removed, as well as any old filling material. Fillings can be done quickly and only require one comfortable visit to the office. Please call us at 520-809-6100 to schedule today.