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Dr. Walbom provides same-day Ceric crowns made from solid porcelain blocks. Ceric crowns are not only beautiful, but very durable and stain resistant. In one appointment you will leave with a lovely, life-like restored tooth. You avoid having a temporary for a few weeks that may come off, and you avoid biting into bad tasting impression materials. The best part is that you get it all done in a few hours and avoid making several trips to the office.

Ceric crowns are made with digital technology. An intra-oral camera is used to scan the tooth into the computer. The dentist designs the crown, and it is sent to the milling machine and carved out of a solid porcelain block in about 15 minutes. Using tis technology results in an excellent fitting crown. The margins at the bottom of the tooth are precise which prevents decay, ensures healthy gum tissue around the crown, and makes it easier to keep clean.

Call us at 420 748-2845 to learn more about this amazing technology and watch your crown be milled out.