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See how dental implants can restore your bite and the health of your teeth, and give you back your confidence and smile.

Dental implants are a great solution for patients who have lost one or more teeth. They can restore your smile, as well as proper oral function and allow you to chew what you want again. There is minimal discomfort during the entire process. Implants are placed in the bone, and after they have been integrated into the bone an abutment (attachment) can be placed which connects the implant to the crown, bridge, partial or denture. The implant can last a lifetime with proper care. The advantage of an implant over doing a bridge to replace a missing tooth is that you do not have to cut down the two good teeth on either side of the space. This is required because the bridge has to fit over the existing teeth left on either side of the space.

For patients that are having a lot of trouble with their dentures or partials, implants may provide a great solution. Implants can be placed, and after they are integrated into the bone, the denture or partial can be attached to the implants for stability. Implants are the closest thing to having your real teeth back. There are many great options using implants. Call 520 748-2845 so we can share them with you.
There are many great optons using implants. Call 520 748-2845 so we can share them with you.