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The more effort you put into your daily oral hygiene, the better your chance that your smile will have to continue to be safe for the rest of your life. Because dental damage can occur at a microscopic level, you always need to make sure that you’re keeping your smile free of debris and plaque buildup that can occur. By eliminating bacteria in your mouth, you can greatly lower your risk of oral health problems and issues that can often arise due to vulnerabilities in your teeth and gums. For starters, always make sure that you are caring for your toothbrush, so it can continue to keep your mouth clean.

Proper tooth brushing techniques require proper tooth brushing tools. When selecting a toothbrush, always make sure it can easily fit inside your mouth and feature soft bristles so that it will not cause dental abrasion. However, to be on the safe side, never use your brush or toothpaste after eating. Instead, you’ll have to rely on alternative cleaning utensils such as mouthwash or sugarless chewing gum.

In order for your toothbrush to continue to function effectively, it will need to be stored properly. Not only do you need to make sure it stays out of reach of other toothbrushes or in areas where it is not laying on its side, but you need to make sure that nobody else uses it. Furthermore, never use anyone else’s toothbrush. Typically, a toothbrush will need to be replaced every three to four months. Youth toothbrushes need to be replaced even sooner. If your brush is ever damaged or contaminated, it will also need to be replaced. For additional help with your cleaning routines, visit your dentist every six months for a biannual professional cleaning.

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