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Do you suspect or have you been told that you might need a bone graft? The need for a bone graft indicates that the bone density in your jaw is not sufficient to support your teeth or dental restorations such as a dental implant. Here, we offers a few specific benefits of receiving a bone graft.

A bone graft can help to:

  • Heal fractures in your jawbone
  • Promote fusion between two bones
  • Renew bone that weakened or lost to infection, disease, or trauma
  • Increase the regeneration of bone surrounding dental implants or fixed dental bridges

The most common reason to receive a bone graft is to prepare your jawbone to receive a dental device, which needs a dense bone structure to provide support. Bone grafts are performed a few months in advance of dental implant placement to allow the new bone to fuse with the old and create a strong, healthy jawbone.

Whatever your reason for needing a bone graft, you can see it is a very valuable procedure that offers many benefits. If you would like learn more about the benefits of bone grafts in Tucson, Arizona, please feel free to call A Caring Place Dentistry at 520-809-6100 and schedule an appointment with our dentist. We look forward to repairing your smile!