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You may not ever be able to avoid death and taxes, but you sure can avoid getting gingivitis. Provided, of course, you know what gingivitis is and why you’d want to avoid it in the first place.

This is an area of oral health where not as many folks are as educated as they should be. Since we believe that patient education is paramount to their success in oral health, we put together this blog post to give you all the details you need to know about avoiding gingivitis.

What is it?
Gingivitis is an early-stage form of gum disease. It can be caused by tartar buildup along your gum line. This is essentially a buildup of bacteria that can eat away at your gums and teeth.

Tartar is the root cause of swollen, red gums that are tender to the touch and that bleed easily. That’s what gingivitis is – inflamed, bleeding gums. It can be the warning sign that you are fighting gum disease.

How to avoid it
Do you think gingivitis sounds like fun to have? If you answered no, you’re right – it’s not. But can you avoid it? Yes, and thankfully, doing so may be easy.

The best way to avoid gingivitis is to brush twice a day and floss. Flossing works so great because it takes debris right away from your gums. Flossing may remove all of the debris that can build up into tartar from between your teeth. The best way to guard yourself against gum disease is through flossing.

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